Clean Room Equipment

100% Stainless

  • All components are made of stainless steel and easily sanitized
  • Zero inferior materials hiding under a stainless shell
  • Zero corrosive or painted materials

100% Strength

  • Constructed with extra thick heavy duty framework
  • Designed with welded connections instead of bolts or rivets
  • Designed with extra framework for bracing instead of weaker sheet metal

100% Control

  • Trufab remains in control of all manufacturing processes
  • Increased efficiency creates very quick turn around times and short lead times
  • Endless customization possibilities


Stainless Steel Clean Room Equipment

TruFab Stainless designs and fabricates many types of clean room products. We offer standard stainless steel products as well as custom stainless steel equipment & furnishings for clean room environments. Our designs can be customized as needed to fit the specific requirements and demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

We design clean room equipment in both 304 series stainless steel and 316 series stainless steel to meet the needs of our customers. This option for both grades of stainless steel is available for all of our clean room products.

Clean Room Equipment Requirements

We understand the importance of clean room requirements for associated equipment.  We offer standard clean room products such as stainless tables, stainless carts and stainless cabinets which meets stringent clean room requirements. Our standard designs include:

  • Heavy duty framework
  • Heavy duty work surfaces
  • Quiet rolling & non-marking casters
  • Polished framework and work surfaces
  • 100% stainless steel construction

Clean Room Products & Custom Design

Our design team works closely with customers to determine suitability of products and requested customizations. We utilize 3D prototyping and engineering software for all design processes. Concept and approval drawings are standard procedures in this process. We combine our detailed technical drawings with precision CNC fabrication equipment and aseptic material finishing techniques to produce high quality pharmaceutical equipment.

Common customizations may include plastic fixtures or inserts for organizing and protecting expensive devices and equipment during transport and storage. These fixtures or inserts are completely customized to your specific needs. Some items commonly used with such plastic fixtures are:

  • Glove port testers
  • Fill needles and tubes
  • Fill machine change parts
  • Maintenance hand tools

These custom inserts not only serve to protect parts but also contribute to efficient machine setup and switch over. When setting up a machine to run various vial sizes an operator has to switch over change parts for the new vial size. This can be a lengthy process with many parts to keep track of. Custom inserts help the operator keep track of all change parts ensuring all parts have been accounted for. TruFab Stainless is a custom clean room equipment manufacturer completely equipped to meet all your fabrication needs.

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Get Quick Answers - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide material certifications?

Yes. We provide both 304 and 316 stainless steel material certifications up on request.

Do you provide electropolishing certifications?

Yes. We provide electropolishing certifications up on request when applicable.

Do you provide welding certifications?

Yes. Our products are fabricated by certified T.I.G. welders. We provide T.I.G. welding certifications upon request.

Do you provide passivation certifications?

Yes. We provide passivation certifications up on request when applicable.

Do your carts roll quietly?

Yes. Our swivel casters have a double roller bearing raceway that is virtually silent.

Will the wheel's on your cart's damage my floors?

Yes. Our swivel casters have a double roller bearing raceway that is virtually silent.